Protection Company's Services and products


Security Service

We provide security services for enterprises, companies and institutions with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision 


CCTV & Alarms System

We offer our customers a unique service in the installation of surveillance cameras and provide a distinct set of surveillance cameras


Security Gates

We offer our customers a unique service in the installation of Security Gates and provide a distinct set of Security Gates

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Electronic Locks

We offer our customers the best types of Electronic Locks with high-quality international brands

seguridad escudo

Metal Detectors

We offer our customers a unique service in the installation of Metal Detectors and provide a distinct set of Metal Detectors


Glass Door Locks

We offer our customers the best types of glass doors Lock with high-quality international brands


Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services for enterprises, companies and institutions with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision


Armored Steel Doors

Sale and installation of high quality armored doors for homes, hotels and companies of the highest quality

We are delighted to reaching out at any time technical support and customer service team
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Protection features offered by the company

Provide excellent services to our customers as the satisfaction of our customers is the source of our pride and our success

  • Technical Support Team

    In the customer service department you will find a full team for rapid response to requests and inquiries at any time throughout the day our team is always ready

  • And follow up inspection within 24 hours

    In terms of constant concern for customer satisfaction for the work we do, we do on a regular inspection team and monitor the performance of the tasks assigned to them and work to avoid any notes

  • The use of the latest hardware and equipment with the latest technology

    Always we strive to deliver sophisticated and distinctive service and therefore we use the latest equipment and we follow the latest modern technological and scientific methods, which in turn helps us to develop functionality

  • Highly qualified staff

    Because we are always keen on access to higher levels of efficiency in the performance of tasks required of us we are choosing to work very carefully with the team trained well trained to perform their duties to the fullest

  • The diversity of uniforms for individuals working

    We offer different types of uniforms for Members of the company and who do their work for our customers . With the freedom of our customers in choosing the right uniforms for themselves and the nature of their activity،Our clients are successful partners are making our decision to success

  • Insurance policy against civil liability

    We offer you an insurance policy against civil liability in the amount of half a million pounds Egypt in order to cover risks that arise as a result of the work of the personnel of our company for customers

why we ?

We always strive to provide the best we have in order to please you

Quality assurance certification ISO 9001

The Protection company in order to improve performance to obtain a certificate of conformity with the specifications of ISO standard 9001/2008 in order to obtain full customer satisfaction

A specialized unit to train individuals

We have created a specialized department for training, where elite of lecturers from qualified and experienced development of curricula and training programs, in addition to lecturing and use the latest training means

Safety and environmental health system

Protection company fully responsible to ensure that its employees are committed to a strict commitment to all systems and environmental health Rules. The company also provides all of its employees the Security tasks minimum internationally accepted standards

Love and seriousness

Love success and implementation of the tasks required of the highest efficiency is the dominant spirit that drives all members of the team, so we are working very seriously with great care that we love what we do so that we can achieve success at the fastest easiest ways

We offer an excellent selection of the safest products
Armored doors - alarms - armored doors - customized locks
Suitable for homes, hotels, companies and shops

Speech by the Chairman of the Board

We are proud and pleased to be working in this field with the major companies in Egypt in Greater Cairo and the provinces,and to be the subject of customer confidence forever and ever, as we work hard to implement the agreed plans with our clients to the highest level of professionalism and of discipline, where that customer satisfaction is our primary goal. we are working hard to achieve this purpose is also to our employees very keen on the performance of the tasks assigned to them a high degree of efficiency and professionalism. I always strive to put every member of the team at the right place where employees love to work is what helps us greatly in the success that we seek to achieve. Success is the common denominator between us and everyone who works with us and is the desired goal, which we all seek to achieve, not to let the opportunity for anyone to disrupt the march of success or even slow the march, everyone invite to the love of work and work hard to live up all to the highest levels of success.

We believe your investments

Psychological stability and a sense of security leading to raise the level of performance at work ،since that man has desires and needs is essential trying to provide them with the process of investigation by the chance of Excellence work, The varied of these needs into several types, including material or moral or social needs, The organizations invests this in the field working to increase and the continued effectiveness of the activity and efficiency of the individuals in the performance of their works motivate in order to get them to the perfect levels of performance serve to achieve the organization's objectives on one hand, and working to increase their stability financially or moral, or socially. Always strive to insurance and securing your employees and increase your investment please feel free to communicate with us .

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7 El Badia Street, From El Thawra Street, Helioplolis, Cairo, Egypt

Contact us from 9am to 5pm daily

Tel: 22910199 - 22919745

Fax: 22909219

For Security & Cleaning Sector Please Call: 01090021718

For CCTV, Steel Door, Electronic Locks & Alarm System Please Call: 01155333000 - 01000098156

For Complaints and suggestions please call: 01007777199



About Protection

Protection Company and the guard of the oldest specialized in the field of security and cleaning companies which, established in 1989 has spread positions across the Arab Republic of Egypt. It aims to provide the highest quality of services and products standards at competitive prices with an emphasis on after-sales service and in order to develop the performance of the company has access to 9001 and that of the / corresponding standard ISO 2008 specifications in order to get the full satisfaction of the client

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